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Sockschain - Help you download Rapidshare, megaupload 100%

Sockschain is a program that allows to work with any Internet service through a chain of SOCKS or HTTP proxies to hide the real IP-address. SocksChain can function as a usual SOCKS-server that transmits queries through a chain of proxies. SocksChain can be used with client programs that do not support the SOCKS protocol, but work with one TCP-connection, such as TELNET, HTTP, IRC... (FTP uses 2 connections). And your IP-address will not be seen in the server's logs or mail headers...

This tool help you can Download from RapidShare, Megaupload ... without limit, Success 100%, Fix Dynamic IP error ...

SocksChain - Find socks

SocksChain - Use SocksChain

Homepage: http://ufasoft.com/socks/

Step1: Click to "Update list"
Step2: Click to "Test all"
Step3: Proxies have yellow color (The light is on) are good !!!
Step4: File > Export > Export to a txt file. Open that file and Copy a live sock.

If you use Firefox:
Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Select to "manual proxy configuration" > Uncheck all, Paste only in Sock box (Paste a sock that you've just copy) > OK (See above image)

If you have Dynamic IP error of Megaupload, you can copy that sock and paste to Internetdownloadmanager (IDM): Open IDM > Download > Options > Proxy > Paste the Proxy that you've just copy to "Use http proxy" and "Use https proxy" > OK.

Note: Try Use Socks to try to lotery "Happy Premium Accounts" on Megaupload, you'll lucky more use Proxies.

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