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New product and pricing models make RapidShare as flexible and low priced as never before

June 25, 2010
As of June 29, 2010, RapidShare is changing its product and payment models. In future, the costs for RapidShare accounts will no longer be tiered according to time period; instead there will be five packages with differing features. These packages will be paid for with a new currency known as "Rapids". In order to grant our customers maximum flexibility when choosing the type of package, they will be able to switch between packages on a daily basis and hence select the features that suit them best at the time.
All previous Collector's accounts will be automatically converted into free Premium accounts on July 1, 2010, thus making it still possible to use the RapidShare service without charge.

What is actually changing: pricing model
RapidShare is launching a new currency: Rapids. This will allow users to take up various packages from June 29, 2010.
Rapids can be acquired in the following increments:

Prepaid funds
400 Rapids € 4,99
1.000 Rapids € 9,95
2.000 Rapids € 19,90
5.000 Rapids € 49,75
20.000 Rapids € 199,00

Many users will already have Rapids in their accounts from the start as both the remaining days in existing Premium accounts and unused traffic share will be converted automatically into Rapids. For each remaining day, the user will be credited with 20 Rapids. For example, if there are 10 days left in a Premium account, the user will receive 200 Rapids. Each GB of traffic share will be converted into 5 Rapids.
Any accumulated Free- and Premium-RapidPoints can also be converted into Rapids until July 6, 2010. Altogether, 5,000 Free-RapidPoints and 5,000 Premium-RapidPoints equate to 600 Rapids; 50,000 Free-RapidPoints and 50,000 Premium-RapidPoints will give 6,000 Rapids.
A maximum of 50,000 Rapids can be obtained by converting existing RapidPoints, traffic share or the remaining time on a Premium account.

What is actually changing: product model
These modifications will not change anything for Free Users. Owners of previous Collector's accounts will receive free Premium accounts, enabling them to manage their uploaded files in the Premium Zone. Downloading and storing are just the same as for the previous Collector's account.
Users who have Rapids can choose from five types of fee-paying package. What is special about these packages is that every user can turn the features off and on to suit their needs from day to day. In this way, we hope to offer our customers an even better service and, above all, much more flexibility than before.

Overview of fee-paying packages:
Name Price / day Storage Traffic / day Filemanagement Directdownload Foldermanagement Verification Licence Manager Licence Manager+
RapidSmall 4 Rapids 10 GB 1 GB x x
RapidMedium 20 Rapids 50 GB 5 GB x x x
RapidBig 78 Rapids 200 GB 20 GB x x x x
RapidSupersize 229 Rapids 600 GB 60 GB x x x x x
RapidBusiness 449 Rapids 1200 GB 120 GB x x x x x x

* RapidSmall For the RapidSmall package, users pay 4 Rapids a day. This gives them 10 GB of secured storage and a daily traffic volume of 1 GB. What's more, they can take advantage of file management and direct download features.
* RapidMedium Those who opt for the RapidMedium deal get, in exchange for 20 Rapids a day, 50 GB of secured storage and a daily traffic volume of 5 GB. In addition to file management and direct downloads, users will be able to manage their data in folders.
* RapidBig Holders of RapidBig accounts have access to 200 GB of secured storage and a traffic limit of 20 GB. Along with other RapidMedium features, in this version users will also be able to have their account verified. The RapidBig package costs 78 Rapids a day.
* RapidSupersize With the RapidSupersize account, users receive 600 GB of secured storage and 60 GB of daily traffic in return for 229 Rapids a day. As an added feature, users will have the ability to sell their own files via the Licence Manager.
* RapidBusiness With RapidBusiness, commercial customers benefit from being able to store and grant others access to even greater quantities of data for 449 Rapids a day. In addition to the features of the RapidSupersize deal, customers will have access to Licence Manager+.

Plus, business customers can receive targeted offers on request.
If users load their account with Rapids through payment or by converting RapidPoints, Traffic or remaining time, they will be set up with the smallest package (RapidSmall), with the option to upgrade at any time.
All features of the new model will be explained in further detail on June 29, 2010 on rapidshare.com.


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